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FAQ #1 What meal plan should I get?

The biggest difference is the amount of swipes(1 swipe = $8.00) you can use and where you can use them. For scarlet 14, students get 14 swipes to use throughout the week and can use these swipes at any of the traditions (Scott, KCom, or Morrill) for access to all the food at these facilities, any of the cafes and food vendors on campus, and the campus grocery stores--called c-stores (where 1 swipe = $5.00). Gray 10 is similar to scarlet 14 however, you only get 10 swipes to use throughout the week instead of 14. Gray 10 can also be used at any of the traditions, cafes/food vendors, and c-stores. For both scarlet 14 and gray 10 swipes reset on Monday morning again. Also, if for some reason you have extra swipes remaining at the end of the week you can go spend your swipes at the c-store, food vendors, or you can donate them to kids in need via the tapingo (a food delivery) app. Finally, the unlimited plan gets you unlimited swipes to the three traditions food halls: Scott (North Campus), Kennedy Commons (South Campus), or Morrill (West Campus). If you have unlimited you CANNOT use your swipes at any of the other cafes or on-campus food vendors or at the c-store. You don’t run out of swipes so there is no need to budget your swipes throughout the week. Due to the limited nature of the unlimited plan, most students prefer to go for either the scarlet 14 or gray 10 depending on their own expected food intake.

FAQ #3 Do I need a laptop, if so, what is the best laptop to purchase?

It’s not necessary to have a laptop to take notes on, it’s up to you to decide what works best for you when you take notes and study. Having a laptop is beneficial when dealing with online assignments, but all the libraries have computers available to students free of charge. Also, all incoming freshmen receive iPads that have pre-installed apps that specifically cater towards classroom settings. Honestly, any laptop works fine, students use all sorts of laptops depending on their needs.

FAQ #4 How far is the airport from the Campus?

John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH) is around a 15 minute drive depending on traffic.

FAQ #5 Is there public transport?

All Ohio State Students can use public transport through COTA(Central Ohio Transit Authority) by swiping their buckid. Students staying in Columbus during a semester but not enrolled in classes can purchase a COTA opt-in pass for unlimited rides through the semester. For detailed information about the different routes the buses go through check out this link:

FAQ #6 Is Fresher's only for freshman?

All ISA events, including Fresher's, is open to anyone and everyone regardless of year in school, ethnicity or affiliation with ISA! Unless stated otherwise, our events are open to the public as well. 

FAQ #7 Where can we receive updates on events?

Follow us on instagram and/or facebook to get information and live updates on all our events! 

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